26'' x 6' Siena Granite Premium Contact Paper

siena granite contact paper
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Siena granite size 26'' x 6'. If you order more than 1 roll your order will come shipped in 1 continuous roll.

Do you have dated countertops? How about laminate countertops? Now you can have the look of granite without spending a fortune! Simply peel and stick our premium contact paper right over existing counters. The heavyweight vinyl holds up very well against day-to-day use. Simply heat the vinyl film with a blow dryer during installation to fold around edges.

Just like laminate counters, you cannot use a knife to cut food directly on this material when applied - you must use a cutting board. We also recommend using clear silicone caulk where this item butts up against any sinks, and over seams.

Can also be use on bathroom counters!

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